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List Of Unauthorized Websites

WBW will be updating this list from time to time whereby the list consists of links of website/social media info which are neither approved nor authorised by WBW. Info posted in these links will not represent WBW in any aspect. We strongly deny the said contents and shall not be held responsible for any consequences as a result of the said contents. We reserve our right to pursue legal actions against any parties which publishes false or misleading information.

公司将不断更新不被批准的网址或社交平台链接。一切在上述名单里的资料不代表公司立场。 我们强烈否定相关资料的准确性并不对此资料带来的后果负责。 我们将保留权利通过法律途径对付任何发放不确实消息的人士。

Last Updated : 22 May 2017